August 19, 2010


话说大名鼎鼎的TechCrunch昨儿有一帖子,是TC的老大Michael Arrington贴的,说Skype刚雇用了一个月的Chief Development Officer,前yahoo高管Madhu Yarlagadda离开了正在全力冲刺IPO的Skype。原因很简单:7月6号TC报道了这个事情以后,帖子后面一堆yahoo内部人员跟过来骂Madhu老兄。TC删了不少回复,不过还是让Skype的高层知道了这个事情。然后Madhu老兄做了两件错事:一个是给所有他认识的yahoo员工写email,请他们到TC说好话,来纠正大家的“错误印象”;另外一个,是他老婆威胁TC要采取法律行动。



I worked for Madhu for a number of years at Yahoo. I found him to be a good people manager. He supported his people and rewarded top performers well. I enjoyed working for me, and I am surprised at all these negative feedbacks.






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